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Roman Writing

The Eighth Legion society has its origins in North Wales, but over the years, our membership has spread up through the North West of England and into Scotland as well.

We come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We have people ranging in age from under 8 to over 80, and with all levels of knowledge and different levels of interest and participation.

As a comparatively small society, we chose to depict the Eighth Legion, which although it was never stationed in Britain did on occasion send over small detatchments or vexillations of troops to help out from time to time. We quite often do the same thing in our present incarnation too, as we are more than happy to work together with other Roman societies to provide a larger presence.

We aren't just a military society, and we have a thriving civilian contingent too. After 20 years, just marching about can get a little tiresome! We are currently upgrading our civilian display, so watch this space!